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Launch Clip #1 with Mats Hummel

Learn from the best players and soccer coaches from the Bundesliga.

Launch Clip #2 with Mats Hummel

To create authentic commercials and a large media attraction, we shot with the World Cup Champion, Mats Hummels. Beside two main spots, we decide for an Omni-channel marketing strategy. We created short clips in 6:19, 4:5 and 4:4 ratios. Each ratio makes it possible to maximize the space on the consumer screen therefore creating a greater consumer engagement.

The player

The 9:16 ratio videos were used to create Instagram stories. As the target group consists of heavy social media users, the focus was to create footage that looks authentic. These videos did not look like commercials but more like a personal message from Mats Hummels.

The coach

As the coach we chose Florian Kohfeld from Werder Bremen. He won best Bundesliga Coach in 2018. As the coach he motivates the users of the app. His clips will show up after the training or as a message during the day to the user. To keep the clips authentic we shot in 6:19 to appear as if he would have recorded them with his own phone.


Client: Street Pro

Creative Director: Can Heinrich Toepffer

Director: Can Heinrich Toepffer

DoP: Jan Stollenberg

DoP/Editor: Can Heinrich Toepffer


1st AC: Lukas Böttcher

Sound: Marcus Kirchhoff

Gaffer: Christoph Krauth

Music: Julian Michel

Sounddesign: Konstantin Faust

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