Can Heinrich Toepffer


Urban Cabin from Los Angeles to Beijing



MINI created urban cabins customized to its enviroment.

To achieve a direct interaction with the target audience. We created a variety of vertical short clips. They were used as instagram storys. Each story had its own content and shows the urban cabin in its relation to the city in which it was build. Inspired by culture and appearance of each city, the architects created a unique cabin.

As we were following an Omni-channel marketing strategy, all clips were also edited in to 9:16, 4:5 and 4:4 ratios to be able to be posted in all other social media networks. These ratios allowed us to maximize the space on the consumer screen therefore creating a greater consumer engagement.

Client: MINI

Agency: KKLD

Production: WANDA

Director of  Content: Can Heinrich Toepffer

DoP/Editor: Can Heinrich Toepffer

© Can Heinrich Toepffer | 2020